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Location: South Africa » Kwazulu Natal » South Coast

Immediately north of Port Shepstone the road crosses the Mzimkulu River, the unofficial boundary betwen the lower south coast, the Hibiscus Coast, and the south coast proper, which has been given the name Strelitzia Coast because of the prolific growth of wild banana tres, members of the strelitzia family.

Umtentweni, 2km beyond the river and 115km south-west of Durban, takes its name from the Mtentweni River, whose Zulu name has been interpreted in a number of ways, the river were pointed grass grows, the river that flows smoothly, or the river of foamy waters.

* About 10km inland from Umtentweni is the grave of Ndongeni, the black servant of Dick King who received a land grant on the banks of the Mzimkulu River as reward for his assistance to his master druing his ride to Grahamstown.

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