Rorkes Drift

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Rorkes Drift - A heroic stand in the Anglo Zulu Wars

The name Rorkes Drift is synonymous with an epic Anglo-Zulu War battle in 1879. The mission buildings built around the original farm of James Rorke, had been occupied by the British as a supply depot and hospital where some injured soldiers were being nursed. The garrison comprised only 110 men. Shortly after 3pm, two survivors from another confrontation arrived to warn of an imminent attack. The only means of fortification were 2 ox wagons, some biscuit boxes and bags of maize meal. 4,000 fearsome Zulu warriors arrived flushed with victory from their last battle, and probably without orders to do so, stormed the hospital. Against overwhelming odds, there followed one of the most gallant defences in British Military history. The battle raged for 13 hours after which the thwarted Zulus withdrew. Remarkably the British casualties were only 17 dead and 10 wounded. Eleven Victoria Crosses were awarded for gallantry in this battle and a bronze plaque commemorates this site.

Today you will find a Zulu craft centre here in Rorkes Drift with women selling their dyed cloth, hand woven carpets and traditional glazed pots.

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