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Location: South Africa » Limpopo » Louis Trichard » Makhado (Louis Trich

Louis Trichardt at the foot of the Soutpansberg Mountains

Louis Trichardt emerged from Voortrekker settlers who were travelling as far as possible away from British influence in a country they considered their own. Louis Trichardt arrived at the foot of the Soutpansberg mountains in 1836, and thought it a fine place to settle. Another party led by Hans van Rensburg continued towards Mozambique probably due to arguments between the two men. For almost a year Trichardt’s little community planted crops and explored the country. They searched for Van Rensburg’s group but never found them as it turned out they had all been killed along the way. Some time later Trichardt and his followers decided to move on east but 26 out of 53 succumbed to Malaria and other diseases.

Ten years later, Hendrik Potgieter settled and a town developed in the area that Trichard had left behind. The Northern Province was positively bursting with game and an unruly crowd of hunters and ivory traders made this town their base. Conditions became increasingly chaotic and the endless brawling and fighting with the local Bavenda tribes finally destroyed the place. Louis Trichardt was finally abandoned by the Europeans in 1867. Over 30 years later the Transvaal Republic regained control and proclaimed the Louis Trichardt the administrative centre. Today tropical fruits, tea, coffee and timber are produced from the fertile land but visitors tend to be coming or going to the Kruger National Park to see the game that used to roam free in these hills

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