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Agri-ecological tourism- escape the rat race in Camperdown

Camperdown is the highest point on the the famous Comrades Marathon route, 22km before Pietermaritzburg  on the N3 from Durban. It is a trasitional zone between thornveld and grassland and between urban and rural life. This diversity both natural and demographic offers visitors a range of beautiful views and interesting activities within a short radius of Camperdown itself. 

There is Enaleni Guest Farm with traditional Zulu livestock and a registered herd of the famous Nguni Cattle, traditional dogs and a rare collection of endangered Zulu sheep, as well, as an aesthetic guest house with abundant orchids, organic orchards and veggies, a bio-gas digetser and beautiful views: www.enalenifarm.co.za.

There is also the African Bird of Prey Sanctuary with daily raptor shows, a kiosk and curio shop knowledge rich staff and an unsual collcetion of owls, vultures, eagles and falcons with ample opportunity to view and  learn about these wonderful birds: www.aficanraptor.co.za  

The area is popular with birders, mountain bikers, horse riders and general lovers of nature.

Accommodation in and around Camperdown

Leopards & Louries Bush Lodge & Safaris    accommodation in Camperdown
The amazing view over natural bush and the peace and tranquillity at Leopards & Louries Bush Lodge make it difficult to believe that the business centres of Durban, Pinetown and Pietermaritzburg are so close. Leopards & Louries is an up-ma... More

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