Secret San tours

Location: South Africa » Kwazulu Natal » Drakensberg » Central Drakensberg » Kamberg » Rosetta

A cultural experience with San descendents

Name of hostsRichard Duma


Hidden in a small rural Zulu village in the beautiful Kamberg valley lies the answer to one of the great mysteries of the Drakensberg. For years historians believed that the Drakensberg San were all killed by either the Zulus or the white settlers and that only their magical legacy of rock paintings had survived. Modern scientific research has proved through genetics that at least one family in the Kamberg valley – the Dumas - are direct descendents of the San. There are only about 50 known descendents of the Drakensberg San and Richard Duma is proud to tell this fascinating story. The tour begins at the Duma homestead in Thendela village where Richard will share the tale of how his family was identified as San descendents, how the San came to survive in this isolated community and how their traditions are maintained today. He will welcome you into his home and you will enjoy the story telling. The tour ends with a traditional lunch cooked by some of the family members and an opportunity to purchase articles made by the villagers. The tour must be booked in advance the previous evening by contacting Richard on 072 407 6930 and costs R150 per person including lunch or R100 per person excluding lunch. It runs for a minimum of 2 people.


From Rosetta, take the Kamberg Road for about 30 kms and then turn right following the signs to Kamberg Rock Art centre. Richard will meet you on the road at the village store just before you reach the nature reserve. This is the white buildings with a blue roof on the right hand side of the road